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Earth Analytics India Ltd. is an affiliate of the Swiss high tech company sarmap had been set up 20 years ago as a spin-off from University of Zurich. We use various sensors on satellites, drones and airborne systems to analyse what is happening on the ground in India - be it growth in agriculture, stability in infrastructure or depth of forests.


BrightBlu is the only charging network in India that has created an inhouse suite of integrated solutions consisting of hardware, cloud services and support ensuring the best possible charging experience. Their chargers connect to the BrightBlu platform, so that you can track your charging sessions from the palm of your hand. The charger also makes sure it consumes the available power in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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CareNx is trying to address the gap in maternal healthcare in rural India with the help of technology. It provides end-to-end solutions to vulnerable mothers in remote villages and slums and connects them with modern healthcare facilities. Founded in 2015, CareNx Innovations builds healthcare technologies to deliver healthcare services to patients using mobile platforms.


Canfem works towards helping breast cancer survivors get back into the society and have a better quality of life by providing specially tailored products and services for best comfort and style. The technology of the product has been approved by apex cancer institutes like AIIMS and Tata Memorial Hospital and a pilot has been completed on 2200+ patients with 93% satisfaction rate.

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DESCATUK is a one stop destination for businesses to help them achieve their ethical and sustainable goals. It is a B2B social enterprise working towards the major goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the textile industry by providing natural dyed handspun yarn, handloom knitted fabric, home and fashion accessories to the slow fashion designers.


HeritageKart aims to fill the gap of a consolidated platform for the world to experience the rich heritage of India in the form of exotic, natural and handmade products. Heritagekart works towards promoting sustainable development, attracting international tourism in the country, eradicating poverty, promoting literacy, women empowerment, promoting Make in India, upskilling of artisans and conserving the tangible art forms.

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FastBeetle started with local deliveries in Srinagar in October 2018 to international shipments within months, it has risen as the most reliable and the fastest logistics company from J&K. Working now as a network wherein there is direct correspondence with customers, pick ups and deliveries in a timely manner with a powerful management system integrated on a mobile app as well as on a web platform and most of all the fastest delivery to the clients.


Airth is an innovation based company founded by IIT Bombay alumnus to tackle all environmental issues. They are currently working on air sterilization technology to tackle COVID-19.